Types of Players

Types of Players

Because there are different types of game, there are also different types of players. These types include the professional player, the social player, the serious player, the chronic player, the escape player and the antisocial player.

Professional players make the game as its primary source of income. He or she plays in a planned way, and rarely loses control while playing. They are disciplined, which is why they are willing to accept losses and do not hunt to win them back. They do not gamble compulsively, and they think of their movements a lot more before doing them. Chronic players think or imagine that they are professional players because they refuse to see what they really are.

Social players view play as recreational, as entertainment source, not their source of income. They are infrequent players, but they play regularly, but in the considerable spaces of time. They do not get frustrated if they could not play. Most players are considered as falling on this guy.

Serious players play an essential part of their lives. Unlike social players who would not mind missing a game, serious players would be downgraded if they do not get to play. Although they are serious players, they are not caught in the financial trouble due to the game. Like professional players, they do not hunt losses, but unlike professionals, they do not depend on game winnings to pay for their necessities. Serious players always have other non-game activities that they engage in.

Chronic players consider the game as the unique important thing in life. They forget other aspects in life such as career and family. They find themselves in financial problems due to gambling, and use money spent on more important things to support their hobby. Vice versa, they depend on their winnings to pay for their necessities. They have strong urges to play, and could not stop playing easily.

Escape players use the game as their escape from problems or troubles in life. Instead of turning to friends or family for relief, escape players would prefer to play to forget about their worries. Although the game can be a good effort reliever, the effect it offers is short-lived and once outside the casino , the problems come back, and the escape players are deeper than ever.

Antisocial victory of players by fraud. They earn money illegally and they engage in a life of crime. They are the ones usually involved in fixed games.